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Get It Together Productions (GITP) specializes in editing, book layout and formatting, cover design, and public relations. GITP has provided service to authors and the rural community since 2002.

Indy authors, get a professional book layout and design that meets printing industry standards and will result in a product of top-notch quality for print books and eBooks. Get a 20% discount when ordering a print and eBook layout (same manuscript) together.

For those not ready to publish—get ready, with GITP's manuscript evaluation, editing and proof reading. Manuscript evaluations will address five major points of a story's effectiveness. In today's competitive marketplace, a well-edited manuscript has a better chance of acceptance by editors and readers. Fiction and nonfiction manuscripts will be edited line-by-line.

Don't forget about marketing. Well-designed flyers and business cards are important. GITP's write-ups about you and your career can be used for all types of promotion. A must for any artist.

Writer Workshop

"Crafting a Novel" workshop is available available for 90 to 180 minute programs.

Hands-on writing to learn effects of different voices and view points in character development. Discussion of writing pitfalls will be offered with ways to overcome them.

More information on request.

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~~ A Few Happy Clients ~~

Warner B. Bair II [author]: editing (Kismet) and manuscript evaluation
Axel Brand [author]: editing, print book and ebook production with covers
Loraine Domine [author]: book layout and indexing
Louise Ogemahgeshig Fischer [artist]: public relations, business cards
Jeff Gibson [author]: print book layout and covers, ebook production with covers
Dennis Grisamore [horse trainer]: photo-public relations
Terry Halden [author]: web site
Sid-K [author]: editing
J.R. Lindermuth [author] ebook layout (The Accidental Spy)
Lone Star Rodeo Company: publication
Mark Mather [farrier]: photo-public relations
Valerie Sherer Mathes [historian, author]: business cards
Joe Pfeiler [author]: ebook production with covers
Linda Sandifer [author]: ebook production, print production (The Last Rodeo)
Wakina Sky Learning Circle & Library: newsletter
Western Writers of America: promotional aids and PR
Richard S. Wheeler [author]: editing, print layout with covers, ebook production with covers
Wild Cat Press ebook production with covers

cover for Richard Wheeler book cover for Axel Brand book cover for Patricia Nell Warren book cover for Jeff Gibson book


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